History& Tradition

“玄”(XUAN) means a mysterious black color in ancient Chinese.

unearthed cultural relics:Arrows
Ironmaking scenario
ancient tablet of “泫氏”
Gaoping was called “xuanshi” during The Spring And The Autumn period, and “Changping” in Warring States Period. The current name ”Gaoping” is given after the establishment of the People’s Republic of China.
Regarded as the famous hometown of coal and iron for its abundant resources, Gaoping is a miracle in the world’s metallurgical history. Since the coal produced in here is high in BTU and low in sulfur, Crucible Steelmaking Method had been already invented in The Spring And The Autumn period.
During Ming & Qing Dynasty and Republic of China, iron products of a county in Gaoping pumped 20% of the country's total generation capacity. “Jian-ning Iron Nails” and “Da-yang Steel Needles” occupied the national market and were exported to Central Asia.
Crucible steelmaking method
Crucible steelmaking method
Jianning Nails
Dayang Needles
SUNS Industrial 
Origin of the Name
Loaded with the tradition and mission of smelting, Xuanshi is dedicated to refinement of every single pipe and determined to rebuild another brilliant history.
About SUNS
SUNS is our company’s English name and pronounced similarly with “Xuanshi”, and it also leaves us a impression of bright sunshine.
SUNS, based on Shanxi, advances towards the world.